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Written by Yuvraj   
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 05:09

Another new evolution, in the field of indicators available for Tinius Olsen and other manufacturers concrete compression testing machines, is ECO II. Version II of our successful ECO head will display a live force reading during the test and report peak stress along with peak force when test is complete.

Key features of ECO II are:                                                                                                

-  User enters test specimen area before starting a test, it’s stored.

-  During the test, the real time force value is displayed.

- When the test is complete the display automatically alternates between peak force and peak stress results.                                    

TO ECO II head is supplied with TO 4 pillar compression machines and is also available for retrofits.





Key features and functionality

• 4 digit display.                                                                                                                

• Force units are factory set to your choice of English/imperial, Metric or SI indicated by LED.

• Force calibration range 1% to 100% with an accuracy +\- 1% of applied force.

• Specimen area input.

• Instantaneous force displayed during test.

• Result Peak Force and peak Stress.

• 4 user keys; Start Stop, Zero and Set Break Point.                                                                                                

• User defined Break Detect.

• Mains power and off line battery capability.

• Integral SSR for adaptation to pumping units.

• 10 point dynamic calibration.

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